Our Resort Guest Room prices are based on shared accommodation, and in some cases, this may not be possible. In our experience, there are certain breeds of dogs who are unable to share with other pets or require careful assessment in a supervised social environment before sharing with another pet. This is because some breeds of dogs have a biological predisposition to certain temperaments and prefer not to be socialized with dogs outside their immediate family.  We understand that there are exceptions to these generalizations but unfortunately with some breed we just can not take the risk.  These dogs are welcome to board with their own family members but are unable to share with other family members.  

Breeds that automatically qualify for solo boarding are; Staffies, Rotties, Bull Arabs, German Shepherds, Shar Peis, Malamutes, and any other large breed dogs.

Note this is not just a size concern, as some small breed dogs are not suited for shared boarding and each pet is individually evaluated.  Small breed dogs 'typically' prefer other dogs' company more, and are much happier when boarded with a boarding buddy.  Also there is more space for them to socialise based on their size in relation to kennel size.

Solo boarding and rates may also apply if your pet is un-desexed, elderly or requires reduced stimulation or play.

If you would like to know if your pet falls into the category of being a solo only guest, or a guest who will need assessment from the Resort Staff to determine social behaviour suitability, please call our friendly reception staff who can assist you with your enquiry and let you know what will be the best type of accommodation for your pet.