General Requirements


For the safety of all cats that stay with us, we require the following:

  • All cats must be up-to-date with their vaccinations (F3 minimum). Specifically, this vaccination includes protection against Rhinotracheitits, Calicivirus, & Panleukopenia. Vaccination certificates are to be sighted upon admission or prior to boarding, so make sure you bring this with you. For all adult cats, vaccinations must be up to date and given at least 14 days prior to boarding with us. This will ensure the protection of your cat whilst they stay with us. For kittens, the full series of vaccinations (either a series of two or three vaccinations depending upon your vet's requirements) must have been completed at least 14 days prior to boarding with us. Unfortunately we are unable to accept any cats or kittens who are not up to date with their vaccinations. If you are unsure of your cat's vaccination status, please contact your vet to find out. 
  • All cats must be flea treated and wormed before coming in to board and this must have been administered within 28 days prior to boarding.
  • Owners must advise us of any existing medical conditions and if any medication is currently being given to the cat. We are more than happy to continue his/her health plan but any medication must be labelled clearly with the veterinary surgery details including dosage and frequency.
  • It is a requirement of our facility that all cats must be desexed when boarding in our cattery. At the manager's discretion, undexed cats may be allowed to board at our facility but additional fees, terms and conditions may apply. 
  • All cats must be securely enclosed in a cat carrier upon arrival and must be clearly labelled with the family's name on it. 
  • Owners must provide contact details of their pet’s vet and an emergency contact number must be made available to us.
  • You may bring toys or bedding with you but please be aware that we take no responsibility if it is lost or destroyed. So please ensure it is clearly labelled. We have plenty of toys at our facility and luxury bedding is provided, so feel free to keep your pet's belongings safe at home. 



  • All rates include GST.
  • The following payment methods are accepted: Cash, Cheques (Made out to Maraboon Pet Resort), Visa, Mastercard & EFTPOS
  • A non refundable 20% deposit (minimum $20) is required to hold your booking. All deposits must be paid at time of booking. 
  • Full payment is required upon admission. If the account is not paid upon arrival, your pet will not be admitted into the resort. 
  • You will be charged for any bedding damage caused by your pet, as per the boarding agreement