Doggy Day Care 

A Great Way to Know Your Pet is Safe throughout the Day

Are you stressing about your fur baby while you're at work? Or perhaps your pooch needs a more social and active environment during the day. The only way to ensure your dog will be in the best care possible is our doggy daycare! They'll be able to meet new friends and play together in our large ourdoor exercise yards and indoor accommodation. 

Every day is an adventure and with our jam-packed schedule, your pooch is guaranteed to have the best day ever! With water-park fun, jungle gym time, agility training, treasure hunts, air-conditioned zen time and much much more, who wouldn't love coming to doggy day care!

They can lap up all the attention from our caring staff, receive delicious treats and even try their paws, all while being supervised in a controlled environment. No matter what your dog likes to do, they will have a fun-filled day at MPR! It will beat sitting at the back door waiting for you to come home!

Doggy Day Care is open Monday to Fridays


Safe and Secure Environments

Our day care facilities and play areas are fully safe and secure so you know that your dog will be well looked after. The Maraboon Pet Resort has experienced staff so you know that your pet will receive the highest level of attention and care that it deserves whilst ensuring that all the dogs are happy and getting on together.


What's Included?

  • Access to fully secure large, indoor and outdoor play yards.
  • Supervision and games with our caring and passionate staff.
  • Interaction with other doggy play mates
  • Delicious and nutritious treats
  • Jam-packed schedule of activities including water-park fun, treasure hunts, jungle-gym time, agility training, fetch, tug-a-war and air-conditioned zen time.
  • Look out for our specific themed days!
  • Pick up and drop off times between 7.30am and 5.15pm. 


Specific Conditions & Things to Know

  • Prior to all dogs being accepted into doggy day care, all dogs must undergo an initial Doggy Day Care Assessment to make sure DDC is suited to the dog. We'd like to think we offer a pretty great service, but no matter how hard we try, some dogs just don't enjoy it as much as others. So to ensure the ongoing safety of all our DDC guests, this behavioural assessment is mandatory and will help us design a DDC program to suit your dog. 
  • DDC isn't a training facility. Although some improvements in behaviour and manners can occur with DDC, we aren't a training service. Sometimes if DDC is not suited to some dogs, we will recommend dog training through an external company before attending DDC. 
  • Minimum of a C5 vaccination must be current for every dog (must include parvo and canine cough prevention).
  • Vaccination documentation must be submitted to Maraboon Pet Resort at least 48 hours before admission, either emailed to or uploaded to your customer portal 
  • All dogs must be up to date with worming, flea and tick prevention.
  • All dogs must be of a social nature.

Desexing requirements:

  • Puppies under the age of 18 months are able to participate in daycare without being desexed
  • Entire females over the age of 18 months do not need to be desexed, however if they are found to be on heat, they will be excluded and will need to be picked up immediately (a three week excemption period will apply until they are fully off heat).
  • Any male dog over 18 months of age either must be desexed or on a fertility suppressant (Proof will be required from a veterinarian).