Cat Accommodation Fees - Effective 14th July, 2023


Please note that all cats are individually housed (even if they are from the same family). However we will let family cats into the play room together during the day during feeding and cleaning times. 


Low Season Rate

Standard Rate

Standard Cubby 

First Cat

$29 / Day

$34 / Day

Additional Family Cat

$26 / Day

$31 / Day




Luxury Cubby

First Cat

$34 / Day

$39 / Day

Additional Family Cat

$31 / Day

$36 / Day


Standard Rate is depicted as all school holidays, public holidays, Christmas, New Years and Easter holidays - Please note that we have a minimum booking period of 3 calendar days over public holiday weekends, 5 calendar days over Easter and 7 calendar days over Christmas/new year.  Additional terms and conditions apply to these bookings. Christmas bookings require a 50% non-refundable deposit within 7 days of making the booking.

Family Discounts


Additional Family Pet - Different Species

Any additional pets that are from the same family and are staying at the same time, will be eligible to select the cheaper 'additional pet' price. The discounted price will only apply to the accommodation cost of the lesser value. For example if you have a dog in boarding and would like your cat to stay at the same time, you will be able to select the 'additional family cat' price. 

Please note that only one discount will apply to each family, per stay (including all other discount categories).

Optional Extras


Medication - $2.50 per administration

If your cat requires medication, a $2.50 per administration charge will apply.


Nail Trim - $20

Getting a little scratched, and not in a good way? Let us trim your pet's nails! All 4 paws included!



The Maraboon Pet Resort will cater all your cat’s meals whilst staying in the cubbies, at no additional cost to you. All meals are prepared in accordance with all WHS standards and we only use veterinary approved products. If your pet is on a prescription diet, you will need to bring this with you. Under special circumstances you may be able to bring your own food for your pet, but no discount will apply.


Cat Playtime - $5 per session

This playtime includes an additional 30 minutes per session in the indoor play area. Play equipment includes scratching poles, climbing gyms and a large range of toys. Your cat will also receive a brush and cuddle from one of our dedicated cat lovers to finish each session. These may be purchased for some or everyday of your cat's stay, whatever frequency you desire. However they are limited to one session per day per guest.


Pet Portal - $7 per day

There’s no need to feel guilty about leaving your loved one any more. We have a pet portal website to help keep you in touch with your furry friend. This package includes unlimited access to the pet portal website which gives you an updated health status and photo every day of your pet. You can choose the frequency of your updates, whether it be everyday, every second day or just once while they stay with us!

  • Note: Depending upon your pet's arrival and departure time, your pet's portal update may not be executed. We recommend not booking pet portal updates for the day of arrival or departure. 

See links below for the terms and conditions of boarding at our facility. You will be required to sign this document upon admission. 


Download & Print: Boarding - Terms & Conditions 2024