Keeping your pet well groomed is vital for their health and well being. Much like going to the hair dresser, our pet stylists are able to tailor each groom to the needs of a client and pet. The Maraboon Pet Resort is Emerald's only premium grooming studio for the ultimate salon experience. Our IPG groomers are fully qualified and internationally certified so you’ll have piece of mind knowing all staff have had the correct training in hygiene, health, behavioural care and practise safe grooming techniques.

Not having your pet groomed properly or regularly can result in costly medical bills and sometimes cause them to become upset or defensive. They can also experience pain and discomfort. The benefits of grooming are explained further below. 


No Overgrown Hair!

Keeping hair cut short around the eyes can help prevent vision restrictions. And this also prevents a build up of gunk in the corners of the eyes which can lead to painful skin infections. Keeping hair short around the bottom of the pads helps dogs grip when walking on smooth surfaces (such as tiles) and prevents slipping accidents, which can cause serious injury. Too much excess hair around the private areas can cause a build up from toileting and damage the skin.


Manicured nails are healthy nails!

Untrimmed nails can cause irreversible damage to the structure of a pet's feet if they grow too long.  They can also get caught and ripped, causing pain and discomfort until the nail grows back. The nails can also curl over and grow slowly into the foot if they aren’t trimmed regularly.


Prevent Matting!

Matting is a serious condition for pets. It can restrict blood flow to the skin and can become painful as the matts slowly tighten and start to rip the hair out of the skin. Matting is very painful which usually means they have to have their coat clipped short and leaves their skin exposed to the elements.


A healthy coat encourages normal bodily function!

Double coated dogs require just as much brushing if not more than single coated dogs. A dead undercoat does not fall out easily and needs to be brushed out. An unhealthy coat full of dead hair prevents the dog from being able to maintain its own body temperature. This often leads to heat stress and sometimes veterinary intervention is required. Regular brushing and grooming ensures that the coat can breathe and function as intended, to help keep them both warm and cool as the seasons change.


Let us help educate you

With the increasing popularity of cross bred dogs and an influx of information on the internet, it is often difficult to know what to do and how to care for your pet's coat . Our groomers will work with you to ensure your pet meets its grooming care requirements. 


If you aren't sure where to start, keep reading below to understand your dog's coat and its needs. 

Where to Start?


Understanding your dog's coat is key to tailoring a groom to them. Dog's can be single or double coated and this determines whether they need a 'groom' or a 'demault'. 


Single-coated Dogs = GROOM

Single-coated dogs are dogs that have one type of hair, which is generally the same length. These coat types can vary significantly between breeds. Single coats can vary in length with some being short and some being long. These coats can also significantly vary in texture including smooth, silky, curly or wiry. Unlike double-coated dogs, single coated dogs tend to shed less which is beneficial to allergy sufferers and keeping things cleaner around the house. Don't be fooled though, these dogs can still shed, but often shed in smaller amounts all throughout the year, regardless of season. Single-coated dogs require regular grooming to ensure their coats are maintained in good order and prevent matting. More often than not, it is the single-coated dogs with severe matting, that are more difficult to groom than the double-coated dogs. 

Single coated dogs require 'grooming'. This service is where the hair can be clipped or cut to whatever length is desired. At MPR, we recommend grooming single-coated dogs every 6-8 weeks with a tidy/maintenance groom in between. During winter we tend to recommend single-coated dogs keep a longer length to ensure they stay warm, but then in summer they get a shorter clip, to keep them cool. 

Some typical dogs that have single coats include:




Austrlian Silky Terrier


Bedlington Terrire


Bichon Frise

Cavalier King Charles Spaniel

Chinese Crested

Dachshund (short hair)

Fox Terrier




Shih Tzu

West Highland Terrier

Lhasa Apso

Poodle (toy)


Airedale Terrier

Blue Terrier



Cocker Spaniel 

Hingarian Wireharid Vizsla

Irish Terrier

Poodle (miniature)

Schnauzer (miniature)



English Springer Spaniel

Welsh Springer Spaniel


Irish Wolfhound


Poodle (standard)

Schnauzer (standard)

English Setter

Afghan Hound


Double-coated Dogs = DEMAULT

Some dogs have a double coats which quite literally means they have two different types of hair in their coat. Generally, they have a soft undercoat (which can be quite fine and down-like or thick and plush-like) and a coarser topcoat. Double coats evolved due to purposes for which the dog's were bred and also so that the dogs could remain outside, no matter what the weather. Much to the surprise of many double-coated dog owners, these coats are actually imperative for keeping their dog's not only warm in winter but also cool in summer. If owner's shave their double-coated dogs, they will permanently damage the fur and increase the risk of over-heating and skin cancer. It is also a myth that shaving will reduce shedding. In actual fact, the dog will continue to shed but the hairs will be shortened and become more blunt, which increases attraction to clothes and furniture. Although the thicker undercoats do tend to shed a lot more in hotter climates, these coats can be maintained with regular demaulting.

So rather than grooming, double-coated dogs require 'demaulting'. Demaulting involves de-shedding the undercoat so that the fur can function normally as an insulator. Unlike 'just brushing', the whole demaulting process includes a combination of a bath, blowdry and brush-out using special demault tools, and is the best method for maintaining double coats. We recommend demaulting double coated dogs every 8 weeks or at a minimum, every season (every 3 months), typically after they 'shed'. We do not shave double-coated dogs, unless recommended by a veterinarian. From our perspective, the health concerns associated with shaving a double coated dog far outweigh the perceived health benefits. 

See the diagrams below for more information. 


Some typical dogs that have double coats include:



Beagle **

Chihuahua (long and short)

Dachshund (long haired)

Fox Terrier (smooth coat)

French Bulldog

Jack Russell Terrier




Tibetan Spanial


Boston Terrier


Australian Kelpie

Australian Cattle Dog **

Border Collie **

British Bulldog

German Spitz

Welsh Corgi

Shar Pei **

Shetland Sheepdog

Finnish Lapphund

Baset Hound

Siberian Husky **

Australian Shepherd 



German Short-hair Pointer

Blood Hound

Labrador Retriever

Golden Retriever

Rottweiler **

Swedish Lapphund

Chow Chow

Samoyed **

German Shepherd **


Alaskan Malamute


Bernese Mountain Dog

St Bernard


Maremma Sheepdog 



** These breeds are represented by their average sizes. Actual size and therefore costs may differ depending upon the individual dog. 

What next?


Next comes the fun part! Once you have determined the type of coat your dog has, you can decide what type of groom or demault you would like for your pet! Whether it be a quick tidy up or a show-dog style, we can work with you and what you want! Your imagination is our creation!

Check out the grooming styles and prices page here to see what is available. If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact our groomers on 0749 877 748 and they'll help you decide what is the best style for your dog!


Please note that we are unfortunately not able to conduct grooming on cats or those dogs that require sedation at the Maraboon Pet Resort. For these types of grooms, please contact the Maraboon Vet Surgery on 0749876800. 





All dogs must be up-to-date with their vaccinations (C5 minimum). This includes vaccination against Canine Cough, Distemper, Hepatitis, Parainfluenza, and Parvovirus. Vaccination documentation must be submitted to Maraboon Pet Resort at least 48 hours before admission, either emailed to or uploaded to your customer portal 

This will ensure the protection of your dog whilst they are in our Grooming Salon. Unfortunately we are unable to accept any dogs or puppies who are not up to date with their vaccinations. If you are unsure of your dogs vaccinations status, please contact your vet to find out.


Cancellation/No Show Policy


Our grooming studio appointments are in high demand and in order to maintain an efficient grooming schedule & high standard of service we have had to make some changes. Please make note of our new cancellation and no show policy moving forward.  Obviously we would have preferred not to have made these changes, however ‘no shows’ are becoming a frequent issue.  



We be requiring at least 24 hours’ notice, via phone call, if you are unable to make your grooming appointment. If you give us less than 24 hrs notice, we will charge you a $40 cancellation fee.



If you do not attend your dog’s grooming appointment and have failed to contact us, we will charge you a $75 cancellation fee.

We appreciate your understanding in these matters.