Maraboon Pet Resort

Cooper, Pia and Peach - The pet resort dogs Sidney and Cooper happily waiting at the front gate! Cooper checking in at reception Our MPR Team


Canine Standard Accommodation

The indoor runs of the standard kennels Sidney and Cooper in one of the standard kennels Our MPR Dogs relaxing

Alliza walking Ruger - inside the kennel

Canine Luxury Kennels


Cooper keeping an eye on everyone Cooper and Pia enjoying the Luxury Kennel Cooper, Pia and Peach having some outdoor time

Pia, Peach and Cooper

Canine Luxury Suite Cabins

The glorious luxury dog cabins Sid and Coop getting comfy in the luxury cabins! One of our guests, Leia feeling right at home Sid and Coop in the luxury cabins - watching TV!

Cattery Standard Cubbies

Our standard cat cubby Kepping an eye on things Cat Play Time

Standard Cat Cubby Set up


Cattery Delux Cubbies

Kitty Cuddles Luxury Cat Cubbies Lola watching the world go by

Cat play time set up


Doggy Day Care

Cooper and Sid playing in the Ball pit Our DDC Team Curious group of Day Care doggos

 Paige looking regal


Sidney having a towel dry after his Bath Riley Bathing Bright new hair dye!

This gorgeous poppy just had his first groom