What service can I expect for my boarding fees?

We understand that cost is something to factor in when considering a boarding kennel. Budget/low cost boarding is often associated with cost cutting measures. At MPR, we pride ourselves on the attentive, high quality care we offer every single one of our guests, therefore it may seem a little more costly at first. However, for this small amount more, you can be sure your pet is receiving the gold standard in pet boarding, including:

  • Highly trained, attentive staff with a genuine love for animals
  • Clean, modern and secure facilities
  • Weigh ins and health checks throughout stay
  • High quality food and bedding
  • Minimum 2 breaks in our secure, gully grassed yards (for dogs)

Please refer to the ‘dog accommodation’ tab for detailed inclusions in our standard and luxury kennels.


Why is the price based per dog (rather than size of dog)?

We love all our guests, regardless of size! Therefore, every animal staying with us receives the same attention, care and time with our highly attentive staff. Food costs are a small portion of the overall picture when we have your fur babies come to stay with us so we would like to keep it fair for all owners and their pets!


Why are our prices per day instead of per night?

We have formulated our policy based on the industry standard in pet boarding to charge on a per day basis and are not flexible in regards to this. 

When your animal comes to stay with us, we offer drop off anytime from open of business, and pick up any time until close of business, as this suits majority of our clients. Therefore, that kennel is occupied for both of those days. Unfortunately, to charge on a per night basis, we would need to impose a strict rule of check in and check out times similar to those of a motel in order to effectively clean, disinfect and set up for new incoming guests. This is not realistic in pet boarding, therefore we have adopted the industry standard of per day fees.


What is my pet’s day like at MPR?

Standard Dog Accommodation -

Bright and early, your pets are greeted by our lovely staff and let into their outdoor runs for a look around in the morning light! It is then time for their morning exercise in one of our six outdoor exercise areas. Upon returning to their freshly cleaned kennel, they will find a delicious breakfast waiting for them. If your pet is on medications, the staff will administer this at the same time as their breakfast. They are then free to hang out and listen to mood selected music in their indoor cooled kennels or outdoor shaded run throughout the day, as they please. In the afternoon, they are taken to the exercise yards again to burn off some more energy, ready for bed time! Guests requiring evening meals and medications are attended to, all before an afternoon interaction with our dog-loving staff.  Cuddles, belly rubs, greetings and dog chats are available all day long, from our wonderful kennel attendants.

Luxury Dog Accommodation -

After a quick good morning cuddle from our staff, our luxury guests are let into their very own grassed area to stretch their legs and breathe some fresh morning air while their cabin is being cleaned. Breakfast is then served with some morning cartoons on their flat screen TV. Luxury guests have free access to the grassed area for a minimum of half of the day and also get some one on one play time with our staff. When they aren’t lounging in the yard, they will be snoozing in their air-conditioned cabin.  In the afternoons, guests requiring evening meals are attended to, any medications and extra activities are performed.  During your pets stay, all luxury guests are treated to a spa treatment using premium products, the day before they are picked up as a final treat and pampering.  We want them looking and feeling their best for your arrival!

Cats -

While the staff clean your cats kennel in the morning and provide fresh water and litter, they are free to stretch their legs in our cattery or get their daily dose of scratching post fun. Naturally, some cats like to keep to themselves and will skip the play for some morning pats and cuddles instead. Once their kennel is refreshed, they are provided some tasty breakfast to graze on. After this, it is Zen time and most our cat guests settle in for a luxurious day of lounging and chilling. Did you know, cats sleep for an average of 16 hours a day!? For our more active feline guests, they are offered leg stretching breaks throughout the day in our air-conditioned cattery.


Can we bring our own food?

If your pet is on a special diet or has sensitivities to changes in food, we are happy for you to bring along their regular food. Otherwise, let us take care of it! We have high quality, palatable food for all our guests to enjoy. If you do bring food with your animal, we do ask that it is clearly labelled with your pet's name and amount you regularly feed them. As part of our service, we monitor your pets eating habits every day. We also weigh them regularly to ensure they are maintaining their health status.


What if my dog is on medication?

We pride ourselves on individual attention and our health reports ensure your dog receives any service or product necessary to continue their health plan. We will ensure that your pet receives the correct medication at the correct time (during opening hours).


Do I need to vaccinate my pet?

Yes. This is non-negotiable. For the protection of your pet and to keep our kennels safe and clean, we require all dogs and cats to be up to date with their vaccines. For your dog, you have to have a vaccination certificate to prove that they are up to date or have had a C5 vaccine (minimum) 14 days prior to their stay with us. All cats need to have a vaccination certificate verifying they are also up to date or have received an F3 vaccine (minimum) at least 14 days prior to boarding. 


Can our pets bring their own toys and bedding?

Yes, although we prefer you not to. We provide our guests with mats, blankets and a variety of dog cushions and toys during their stay with us. So instead of risking your pet's belongings getting lost or destroyed, let us use ours. If you insist on bringing your pet's belongings, please make sure your pet's name is written on all items. We take no responsibility for lost or damaged toys, bedding or other personal belongings. 


Can we inspect the complex?

Of course. We are very proud of our facility and its cleanliness. We do prefer you call ahead though as we have set viewing times during the day (usually between 10am and 3pm). 


What should I bring along with my Pet?

A current vaccination certificate and any special instructions you might have for your pet.  We also ask that your dog come in on a lead and your cats in a carrier.


Are reservations required?

Yes booking is required. And a booking deposit will be required at the time of booking, so make sure you have your credit card details handy. Although you can also pay through the pet portal (coming Feb 2019). 


What happens if my dog is unwell while at the kennels?

If your pet is unwell, the staff at Maraboon Pet resort will contact you to speak to you regarding the concerns they have with your pet. They will then ask what your wishes are in regards to treatment. We are affiliated with the Maraboon Veterinary Surgery and have a veterinarian on call 24 hours a day.  If you use a different veterinarian, we can arrange your pet to be seen by your regular vet if you wish, although travel and labour charges may apply. In the event of a life threatening emergency, the veterinarian on call will assess and stabilise your pet while the staff attempt to get a hold of you.


What do I expect on arrival and departure?

Upon arrival you will be greeted by one of our friendly staff and your pets will be admitted into the resort.  Please allow 10-15 minutes to fill out paperwork in reception as it is important we get all your clear instructions as to what you wish for your pet when they stay with us. You will also be expected to pay your account upfront during admission as no accounts are allowed to be settled at pick-up. All bookings will require a deposit as per our terms and conditions. We accept cheque, cash, most credit cards and EFTPOS. After all the paperwork is sorted, a resort assistant will come to collect your animal and you will have a moment to say your goodbyes. Your animal will then be health checked, weighed and admitted into his/her accommodation. 

Upon departure, you will again be greeted by one of our friendly staff. If payment wasn’t received on arrival you will be required to pay before collecting your animal. Your pet will then be brought out to you. Depending on your pet's length of stay and what you requested, it is likely to have had a bath prior to you picking them up.  Your pet will be very excited to see you but maybe just a little sad to be leaving such a wonderful resort after its stay here with us.


Can we collect our animal outside of trading hours?

We have designed our trading hours to suit the majority of our clients and our guests. Our opening times are there to minimise stress on the animals in our care and to allow us to properly care for your pets during the day. Unlike a hotel, our clients are also able to pick up their pet(s) any time during our opening hours and we feel this provision provides a better, flexible service. Therefore our staff work longer hours and we cannot allow them to work outside their ordinary shifts. Therefore we cannot open outside our trading hours. You may be charged a late fee for any pickup that is deemed unreasonably timely.