Pet Health

The Maraboon Pet Resort is fully committed to ensuring Pets are in optimal health during their stay with us. With a range of services available including specific feeding schedules, continuing current medications schedules and regular checks by our highly trained staff to make sure everything is running smoothly while you are away. With our sister company Maraboon Vet Surgery is on call 24 hours a day in case of any Emergencies you can rest assured that your pets health is a top priority.

Policies regarding contagious diseases

The Maraboon Pet Resort prides itself on it cleanliness and disinfecting protocols, unfortunately 2020 has taught us that viruses despite everyone's best efforts can happen suddenly.  

Due to this if your pet has been unwell with a suspected contagious disease in the 10 days leading up to your stay, we will not be able to board your pet.  As is the same policy and recommendation for human viruses we encourage you to keep your pet home otherwise it will spread the contagious disease to other pets causing a community hotspot.  These outbreaks do happen and tend to happen around same time people are getting sick.  Our pets travel and are more involved in our lives these days and thus like us are at higher risk of being exposed to airborne, or environmental viruses.  

It is also are strict policy that if your pet becomes unwell during it stay at MPR you will be responsibly for picking your pet up immediately.  If this is not possible you can authorize us to allow a friend or family member to pick up your pet.  There will be no refunds for pet required to be picked up early.  As that kennel will now need to be kept empty for 7-10 days for disinfecting and sterilizing.    These are same policies used a day cares, schools, and community events and like our human equivalents there are not to blame for your pet contracting an airbornne viruses or infections.

  • FYI the entire kennel building is cleaned at least once a day with high grade disinfectants, then spot cleaned the rest of the day as needed for any soiling in kennels. 
  • The kennels are also sprayed with a disinfectant that is designed to kill viruses and bacteria called F10. 
  • Every day food bowls are cleaned and sanitized. 
  • Every day the yards are cleaned and faecal material is disposed into a processing machine.
  • Our staff are vigilant at cleanliness. 
  • We also use a fogging machine that distributes a large F10 mist over entire indoor and outdoor areas twice weekly to further disinfect our facility, but during know outbreaks in our area we do this daily (sometimes twice).
  • Our staff wear all relevant PPE equipment 
  • Many more processes are in place to ensure we make our kennels as safe as possible. 

We ensure EVERY pets is fully vaccinated when they come for boarding and NO EXCEPTIONS are made.  We do not take any sick animals for boarding.  If you pet becomes ill during its stay you will be notified and where possible will be asked to pick up your pet.  If this is not possible you pets will be place in an isolation area, and there will be increased costs associated with this.  As extra effort and cleaning are required.